Wanna Attend TEC2011 SharePoint #in Vegas for FREE?

How would you like to attend The Expert Conference 2011(TEC2011) on April 17-20, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV for FREE?

How would you like to attend The Expert Conference 2011(TEC2011) on April 17-20, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV for FREE?

Led by Joel Oleson, explore the outer limits of Microsoft SharePoint with more insight, advice, and advanced instruction than any other conference in the industry. Join Microsoft program managers and MVPs to share the latest industry advances, provide unprecedented technical training and discuss the future of SharePoint technologies, including a hands-on look at SharePoint 2010 migration.

I’m honored to be presenting the keynote and multiple sessions at TEC2011.

TEC2011 for SharePoint offers…

• Multiple tracks with deep instruction on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
• Detailed insight and guidance on SharePoint 2010 migration
• Leading experts presenting intense, 400-level training sessions
• Practical advice and best practices you can leverage on a daily basis
• Feedback on managing your SharePoint environment from Microsoft Program Managers
•Insight into the latest technology advances and the impact it will have on your business
• Networking opportunities with SharePoint peers from around the globe

I’ll be giving away a FREE pass worth $1845 on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 1pm (EDT). In order to participate, all you have to do is tell me why you should be getting the FREE pass to attend TEC2011 and what value you’ll get out of it by responding at the comment section below. The deadline for entering your response is on Friday morning, April 1, 2011 at 9am (EDT).

Joel, myself and a number of SharePoint experts participating in TEC2011 will be reviewing the responses and voting who should get the FREE pass.

In addition,

if the winner is up for it, I’ll buy lunch while at the conference and I’ll be happy to answer any questions around SharePoint strategies on migration, executive buy-in, adoption, organizational change management, etc.

After an in-depth review and consideration, the winner is …

Mike Yamashita
(Mike can’t make it)

Rene Modery

28 thoughts on “Wanna Attend TEC2011 SharePoint #in Vegas for FREE?

  1. I want to attend to discuss how can we leverage sharepoint as a platform on the cloud specially with Microsoft azure platform & amazon cloud.

  2. Being in tune with the latest technology and being hands-on with everything I can be only benefits our small, start-up environment group that I work in. I am constantly looking for ways to enhance our knowsge by listening and learning to others. TEC2011 will open up a brand-new segment of knowledge for us that I think could really complement what we are up to now.

  3. I took the SharePoint 2010 Course with Dux at Learning Tree and since then, I’ve been waiting for the moment to leverage SharePoint in my organization. We are in the process of transitioning from a small business into a big business, which means we’ve hit the inevitable point where we need better business organization — which is to say, we need to become more process-oriented in order to ensure our success is repeatable. I see SharePoint playing a central role in this, and attending the TEC2011 conference would enable me to immerse myself in SharePoint technology, so I can see how best to apply it. Also, I haven’t heard a Dux SharePoint parody in a while, but I’d be willing to turn out some lyrics over lunch. 🙂

    Thanks for considering me!

  4. Thanks Dux for the valuable offer and great to have met you in Singapore during the last South East Asia Sharepoint Conference 2010. Currently we are writing the business case for the upgrade and migration to Sharepoint 2010 and so far we have received 70% of good feedbacks to support our drive to the new platform. If my management supports it, I will have to be equipped with the knowledge of migration and architecting Sharepoint 2010. It will be good if I can have the opportunity to travel to attend this seminar so as to learn from the experts like you Dux. This will be my very first oversea conference on Sharepoint away from Singapore. Looking forward to this learning opportunity. Cheers.

  5. During a time when I was tasked by a federal executive with what seemed a near impossible task of application development, as a career trainer attending Mr. Sy’s Sharepoint course at Share Point Saturday in Baltimore was a pivotal moment.

    The concepts, best practices and charge to change leadership regard for Share Point gave me major motivation to push teaching myself what’s possible and the result is 3 marquis SP solutions that serve business needs for a federal office spread across the US.
    My current affinity and success using SharePoint is very closely connected the passion and coolness that Mr. Sy displayed. This has also led to a favorable and unexpected shift in my career path, along with new committee relationships within the governmentwhere I too am able to redistribute that same thru energy for SP solutions and knowledge management.
    Attending the conference as his guest would surely be like reconvening with the sensay after victoriously returning from a quest before I set out on my next.

    Thanks for your passion; it was my fuel for success.

  6. What an awesome opportunity this would be. I’m a PM and have just begun the process of setting up our PMIS system using SharePoint technology and would absolutely love the chance to attend a conference of this magnitude. I have just hit the tip of the iceberg with the SharePoint features in my own investigation. I’m just now realizing what they can do throughout my company starting with our PM team. The chance to grow and network with experts would be a great experience and building block to take my knowledge of this awesome tool to the next level. (& much appreciated!)

    If all else fails Dux, I bought your book! Got to be worth a little extra! Either way, Thanks for the opportunity & the knowledge you provide in this field.

  7. Dux! So glad to see you are doing this again for this year’s TEC—What a great opportunity for someone!
    Last year, I was the lucky one to get the free pass to go to Los Angeles. Can’t even imagine what Las Vegas would be like! I would highly recommend this conferencte as a Sharepoint cheerleader/multiple site owner–but non-IT/no programming background-type of person…
    The information I gained by attending the sessions and meeting people all at different levels of their “Sharepoint experience” was really and invaluable take-away. Good luck everyone!

  8. As an Application Development manager, I have been asked to do more with fewer resources. I am looking to utilize SharePoint as a resource to reduce our development time while continuing to deliver value to our end-users. The value of the conference comes in learning how to better manage our SharePoint environment – and where it best fits as a solution. Like many companies, we don’t have a dedicated SharePoint expert, so we have to take advantage of any educational opportunities that come up.

    This will also give me a chance to win back all the money my wife lost at Red Rock last year.

  9. As Program Manager of an IT Project Management Office, it has become my responsibility to design and implement a sophisticated SharePoint site for my group’s portfolio of projects; a PMIS. My SharePoint knowledge was gained by reading all of the O’Reilly books on the topic of SharePoint combined with real-time experience of learning from my mistakes. Attending this conference to participate in the extensive training on Microsoft SharePoint would ensure the delivery of a sophisticated SharePoint site and with the additional knowledge I would be able to demonstrate the extensive technical functionality of SharePoint such as work flow, a feature that could be leveraged by many business units in my corporation to resolve intra- and interdepartmental communication issues.

  10. As a newly graduated programer I am very new to learning SharePoint. Unfortunately, it wasn’t taught in our CIS courses but as I read through the many different blogs, books, listen to the many various audios and watch videos I am intrigued at the many things SharePoint can be used for and what it has to offer. Granted I am new to SharePoint and sometimes get a little frustrated because I know what I am trying to accomplish could be done quicker if I knew SharePoint better than I currently know it. I believe that attending a conference/seminar would help me better understand how to use SharePoint to my advantage to become a better developer and well rounded with the product. Also, I am being trained to be SharePoint Administrator, so attending the seminar would be very beneficial. Besides I finally get to meet Dux and Joel, I am RSS subscribed to the blogs in my outlook to keep current. 🙂

  11. Because I´ve been worked with SharePoint since SPS 2001 passing through 2003, 2007 and now 2010. I´d loved to see some wonderful presentation I´ve head about, for example “Building the Perfect SharePoint 2010 Farm” and “How to Best Develop Requirements for SharePoint Projects”. Here from Brazil is a little bit expensive to go to there. The flight is about $ 2k, and put it together all other expenses one great event like that can be more that 5000 dollars. I believe It will be very valuable to me, my team and the most important my clients.

  12. We’ve deployed MOSS 2007 for over a year now. During the install and delployement phases, our School System Supt. changed, along with our IT Leadership. All of the major points you mentioned, Governance, User Adoption, Executive buy-in, Change Control and Project Management are now being started. My group of 4, including myself were assigned these SharePoint duties Admins, Designers and Developers for the entire department. I’m dealing with ALL of the pain points anyone can imagine. School budgets are very, very tight, so I could realy use your FREE offer.

  13. Here at the firm, there are expectations for fully understanding the demands of the partnership and facilitating solutions in an efficient manner. With no training budget, I have implemented SharePoint 2010, assisted with development of custom controls, and am now taxed with querying FAST from within a custom Outlook control. To be honest, I could use the time to get the advice from experts to assist me in my on-going efforts to deliver rich applications leveraging SharePoint

  14. I have been thrown off the deep-end and forced to swim my way back when it comes to SharePoint. Over the course of the swim it became a pleasure to learn about this tool as an PM end-user/power-user. Learning from SharePoint evangelist such as yourself has been the real key to the success within the local initiatives. To further refined my knowledge (extend the swim) attending a seminar such as TEC will definitely expand my skills with our upcoming major milestones for SharePoint as a national knowledge management tool.

  15. The SharePoint project sponsor thinks I’m the “chokeable neck”. I need to learn better how to PM this SharePoint implementation and apply governance before we go down in flames.

  16. I attended a SPDesigner training session with you about two years ago and since then, I have applied my knowledge to single-handedly deploy both WSS and MOSS to our 500 person engineering organization with amazing success. I have done custom development and implemented several of your project management practices to improve the acceptance and utility of our SP installation. Our company is growing dramatically, and we are struggling with the challenges associated with dynamics growth, as well as finding a way to upgrade to 2010 without a training budget. This opportunity would be amazing for me. You da best Dux!

  17. Because I’m working for an IT Company based in Luxembourg (Europe) and the travel cost a lot, the hotel too and I’m not talking about the cost of the conference 🙂 If I can save the price of entry is already something to win 😉
    I’m pretty sure that I will learn a lot there and I don’t want to miss your show (with maybe a new song 🙂
    Last but not least, I have to disseminate information to the SharePoint European community It’s time to go forward…
    See you soon… or not 😉

  18. I work for Northrop Grumman. I am self taught in SharePoint 2003,MOSS 2007 and part of MOSS 2010 on my own time, with company budget cuts in my department year after year I must stay on top of my game and show IT that this is how it is done and why. I attend conferences and user group meetings as often as possible. SP conferences are more of a dream then a requirement, at least in management eyes. Either way I will see in your Vegas (I hope) or online in your videos, blogs, forums and various articles you write as well as your FB and tweets. A fan.

  19. Being located in Singapore, there aren’t many SharePoint-related conferences in the region (which is why it’s AWESOME that we had our first conference here in SG in 2010, and as it could be seen by the huge number of attendees, I’m not the only one who thinks so). The nearest ones are the conferences in Australia, but even for those it’s difficult for me to attend due to costs.
    As I’m The SharePoint Guy in my company (doing many parts of the complete rollout, involved in basically everything from coding small jQuery pieces to doing user training), it’s important for me to stay up to date about any technological advances, as well as learn about “business approaches” (change mangement, getting user buy-in, planning for success. etc.). We still working with MOSS2007, I’ll start the planning for the migration to 2010 end of this year. So all the fancy new features are still nearly out of reach if it weren’t for my trustworthy virtual machine and the great SharePoint community. If I had the chance to go the conference in LV, I’m sure I’d learn a lot that could be applied directly (upgrading to 2010, success factors, see what other’s are doing, leveraging the new stuff such as managed metadata, etc.).
    I would not only attend for myself, but also for around 1,000 other colleagues of myself here in the region Asia Pacific!

  20. I would be honored to be selected for the opportunity to attend this conference! I have been the SharePoint cheerleader at our company and after working with it for 2 years, and I am getting some encouraging signs from our Government customer that they might be actually coming onto the SharePoint team as well. Getting the opportunity to attend this conference and bring back new ideas and different things to consider would be great for where we are with the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Most of the time, the possibilities and innovations as well as the process improvement ideas that could be done in SharePoint are so huge it can be overwhelming (and often is). So please select me for the free tickets! so that I can expound the greatness of SharePoint to our local community, thank you Dux, for this opportunity.

  21. I would travel 10.000 miles, skip 13 hours of time zones, leave my beach city and the sharepoint surf in Australia just to have an opportunity to be attend the TEC 2011 in Vegas. Why? because the training, the content and the AWESOME sharepoint people I will get to see!

  22. Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to explore using SharePoint 2010 for project management. I also find your book very useful on that subject. Thanks again.

  23. I am Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia, I have experience in most of the services of SP, and I need a place to guide me on how put all these services together in one implementation from the step of gathering requirements to capacity plannig, service accounts creation, installation, development and delivering the solution.

    Unfortunatly in my area in the middle east I could not find a place where I can find answers related to the big picture of implementation.

  24. 1) Discuss migration strategies from 2007 to 2010 with special considerations around multi-farm convergence (especially as it relates to mysites). The farms include nearly 8000 webs spanning 4500 site collections and occupy nearly 800GB of SQL storage.

    2) Emphasis on governance strategies – How to achieve a true balance that delivers empowerment and business value without “over governing” SharePoint. Ex: Govern where there is a true need and how to best identify that need.

    3) How to guide users toward meta data, tag clouds and “virtual folders”… Enabling the search experience through user education and driving “cultural change” while moving away from this idea of re-creating file shares in SharePoint. (users still seem love nested folders, especially the “more experienced” demographic)

    4) So many strategies and vendors around externalizing the BLOB… I believe for large implementations, it’s when and not if you consider BLOB externalization. Strategies around the approach, maintaining supportability and protecting your data!

    5) “Hidden/Rogue” business processes… I’ve noticed some creative uses for lists (multiple lists) in the wild in some environments. It seems that savvy business users might be using lists in a similar fashion as we have seen MS Access used in the past. “Business Processes” get implemented without IT awareness and supportability. How to detect, govern, educate, etc…?

    And of course, the best reason to pick me…. I’ve seen Joel speak a number of times and would love to see his last scheduled major conference presentation. Also, I am looking forward to a free lunch on Dux if selected. I would welcome the opportunity to personally thank you for presenting at WMSPUG recently.


  25. Hi Dux,

    I originally wrote a detailed message about my goals and aspirations and how this conference aligns with those goals. However that post seems to have been lost so I’ll present a shorter one.:-)

    My goal is to continue to evolve as a SharePoint thought leader and help guide not only what my clients usefor SP is but also help guide the industry as a whole.

    I have been involved with the Windows Mobile platform for many (12+ years) and feel partially responsible for helping to shape some of the Enterpise capabilities of that world and thisnk that experience will lend well to my SP aspirations.

    Attending the TEC2011 conference will allow me to listen to and learn from some of the sharpest SP minds. My commitment is I will “pay it forward” and continue to stimulate this learning process with those that I interact with.


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