6 Essential #WindowsPhone Apps for #WPC12

One more week to go and the 12th Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC12) will kickoff in the beautiful city of Toronto.

One more week to go and the 12th Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC12) will kickoff in the beautiful city of Toronto.

This epic event brings together over 10,000 people from around the world to participate in Microsoft technology presentations, networking, and definitely off the hook parties.

In this mobile enabled, social media fueled, flash mob crazy, and instant tweetup culture, how can one keep up while at WPC12? Here are 6 essential Windows Phone Apps that I recommend you have while at WPC12:

My Trips – @AceWidgets

The most highly rated and advanced TripIt.com companion app. Now you can take your TripIt.com plans with you on your phone when you travel! (and edit them!)

Skype – @Skype

Awesome for VOiP calls for international travelers while at WPC12 – helps you avoid roaming charges

CamCard – @CamCardIntSig

With all the networking that’s gonna happen at WPC12 – exchanging business cards will still be in vogue. However, how many of us would want to carry a stack of business cards around?

With CamCard, you can take a picture of a card with phone camera and contact information will be recognized via cloud based service. Once information is captured, you can export it to your address book

LinkedIn – @LinkedIn

If you run out of business cards, LinkedIn is a great way to get connected with your new acquaintance. Get on-the-go access and connect with 16M professionals worldwide.

Btw, make sure you join me on Thu, Jul 12 as I present the WPC12 session Building your Business Brand on LinkedIn

Carbon – @CarbonWP

Hands down the best Twitter app on the Windows Phone. All of Twitter on one screen. No need to tap many buttons to reach to desired timelines. Apart from your all day timelines, Lists, Saved Searches, Retweets, all accessible through a unique timeline called Quick Line.

Make sure you follow me and the hashtag #WPC12 to get the latest and greatest!

4th and Mayor – @4thandMayor

Want to keep up where the hottest events and parties are? Make sure you’re plugged in with Foursquare.

When mobile, use 4th and Mayor – it’s a quick, clean, simple foursquare client for Windows Phone. (I wonder what will be the prize for being the mayor of WPC12?)

Any other apps you recommend? Feel free to post it on the comment section below.

Lastly, if you haven’t signed up for the Jul 8 dragonboat fundraiser, make sure you do! Click here to register.

Looking forward to see you next week in Toronto!

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