#SPSChicago 2013 Keynote: Lead The Enterprise Social Revolution #shifthappens

I had an amazing time this morning delivering the keynote “Lead the Enterprise Social Revolution: How to Transform Your Enterprise” for SharePoint Saturday Chicago 2013.

If you attended the presentation, thanks for being an awesome audience! I hope you found it beneficial. As promised, here are the resources from my presentation:

Also, let’s continue the conversation on the SPSChicago Yammer group – as I’ve said, if you join theSPSChicago Yammer group and follow me in Yammer, I’ll send you a FREE ebook copy of “SharePoint 2010 for PM“.

3 Ways to Engage Virtually at #SharePoint Saturday Chicago #spschicago #yammer #mspartner

I’m so excited to be a part of tomorrow’s SharePoint Saturday Chicago to be held at Hard Rock Hotel. It’s gonna be a fantastic event with tons of sessions from world class experts!

I will be delivering the keynote: “Lead The Enterprise Social Revolution: Transform Your Organization and Drive Culture Change” . In this interactive keynote presentation,  I’ll share how you can maximize enterprise social technologies to positively transform your organization. You’ll learn how to apply practical steps to drive culture change and effective techniques to promote sustainable enterprise social adoption.

I know a lot of you aren’t able to attend physically, however, the good news is that there are 3 ways you can engage with tomorrow’s event:

  1. Follow @SPSChicago and #SPSChicago on Twitter.
  2. Watch the keynote live via Ustream broadcast. It starts at 8:00am Central Standard Time. Set your calendars now!
  3. Join the SPSChicago Yammer group and be a part of the conversation throughout the event. Tell you what, if you join the SPSChicago Yammer group and follow me in Yammer, I’ll send you a FREE ebook copy of “SharePoint 2010 for PM“.

Looking forward to see and engage w/ y’all tomorrow!

Adoption Resource: SharePoint is Nice Nice Baby + Social Style Remix #esn #yammer

We all know that driving sustainable SharePoint adoption is no easy task. Having worked with organizations large and small in the last 10 years, I discovered that the 3 main goals of driving sustainable adoption is to drive excitement, facilitate change and be able to empower users. If you want to learn more on how to drive sustainable SharePoint adoption,  here’s an article I wrote for CMSWire.

One of the techniques I employ when delivering SharePoint training or presentations is to sing/rap. Why you may ask? here’s three reasons why I do it.

Most recently, I have gotten a couple of requests asking for a copy of my latest “remix” that I performed at SharePoint Conference 2012 and SHARE Conference Australia 2012 – It’s a remix of a couple of songs that I think y’all are familiar with:

(thanks to DJ Kevin for the fantastic remix)

So if you would like to use this for your training/adoption initiatives, GO FOR IT! Here are the resources for you:

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!