Help Typhoon #Haiyan Victims and #SharePoint MVPs & Experts Will Help You #rescueph

On Nov 8, 2013 , the deadliest typhoon ever recorded in history devastated the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan was stronger than hurricanes Katrina and Sandy combined. Countless lives have been lost and a lot of help is needed. It is estimated at least 10,000 people have perished.

Help Typhoon #Haiyan Victims and We’ll Help You!

Between now and December 31, 2013. Anyone who donates $99 USD or more to a charity of your choice that will benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan and emails me  a proof of your donation, can secure a FREE one hour remote SharePoint consulting session ($99 = 1 hour session, $198 = two 1 hour sessions, etc) with any  of these global SharePoint MVPs & leading experts:

Name Expertise
Marc D Anderson Client-side development
Paul Papanek Stork Architecture, Administration, Development
Tom Resing Architecture, Development, Infrastructure
Vlad Catrinescu Infrastructure, PowerShell
Veronique Palmer SharePoint Strategy Management, User Adoption
Eric Riz Adoption, Governance, Change Management
Dux Raymond Sy Yammer, Project Management, Sustainable Adoption
Jennifer Mason Business Solutions, Training
Cathy Dew Branding, Taxonomy, Requirements Gathering, IA
Susan Hanley Governance, Knowledge Management
John White BI, Nintex Workflows
Jamie McAllister Solution Design, Development, Training
Mikael Svenson Search
Kris Wagner Office 365 & Infrastructure
Doug Ware BI, Development, Architecture
Benjamin Niaulin Search, Migration, Branding, Infrastructure
Naomi Moneypenny Yammer, social computing
Amanda Perran IA, ECM, Solution Design
Jason Himmelstein BI, Architecture, Solution Design
Jack Fruh Powershell
Nick Inglis  IA, Records Management
Joel Oleson  Social Computing
Hilton Giesenow Architecture, Infrastructure, Development
Agnes Molnar Search, ECM
Rodrigo Pinto Development
Thomas Vochten Infrastructure
Todd Bleeker Development
Sarah Haase ROI, Governance, Adoption
Ruven Gotz Taxonomy, IA, Governance
Noorez Khamis Development, Architecture
Nicolas Georgeault Architecture, Training
Bjoern H Rapp Architecture, Development
Mike Ferrara Strategy, Architecture, IA, ECM
Andrew Connell Development, Workflow, ECM
Gokan Ozcifci Infrastructure
Tim Ebenezer Development, Workflow, Mobile
Trevor Seward Infrastructure, Powershell, BI
Ishai Sagi Infrastructure, Development, Training
Michelle Caldwell Vision Alignment, Strategy, Project Planning
Doug Hemminger Architecture, Development
Anders B. Skjønaa Strategy, Architecture, Governance
Kenneth Lo Office 365, ECM
Prasanna Adavi PPM, Project Server, MS Project
Jennifer Pearecy Strategic Planning, Architecture
Rodrigo Pinto Development, Architecture
Ivan Padabed Development, Architecture
Larry Kuhn Office 365, Yammer, Information Architecture
Rob Windsor Client Side Develompent
Roger Haueter Office 365, Powershell, Development
Chris McNulty Strategic Planning, Architecture, Enterprise Social
Ragnar Heil Search, Yammer, Infrastructure, Social
Keith Tuomi Development, Composites, Performance
Sean Wallbridge Planning, Training, Composites, Security
Colin Philips Development, Branding, BI
Thuan Nguyen Intranet Strategy, Solution Architecture
Dan Holme Strategy, Governance, Architecture
Elczar Adame SharePoint Online, Development
Frank Binoeder Infrastructure, Backup, Upgrades
John Holliday Records Management
Asif Rehmani Adoption, Training, Business Solutions
Eli Robillard Patterns & Practices, Secure Development, Architecture
JC Gonzalez Martin Troubleshooting, Auditing, Architecture
Alex Pearce Office 365 Education
Jason Warren Infrastructure, Administration, Powershell
Mark Kashman SharePoint Online, SkyDrive Pro and SharePoint mobility
Eric Overfield Branding,UI,Responsive Design
Antony Clay Vision, Requirements, Governance, Change Management
David Patrick Development, BI, Administration, SQL Tuning
Jethro Seghers Office365, Yammer, Training
Fabian Imaz Development, Architecture, Infrastructure
Tiago Costa Project Server, Development
Karim Roumani Cloud, Infrastructure, BI
Will Saville WCM, Branding
Daniel Glenn Workflow, SharePoint Online, Infrastructure

What can you do with in the one hour session? Mentoring, coaching, training, troubleshooting, presentation, etc. This is a first come, first serve opportunity. Once the expert has fulfilled their committed engagements with a donor(s), he/she will not be available.

So hurry and send in your proof of donations and indicate which expert you’d like to engage with! Remember, your company may even match your donation.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you are a SharePoint expert or organization and you want to participate, join the Operation ShareLove Yammer network and let me know your expertise & how much time you want to commit in hours. (It will take 2-4 days for me to post your name)
  • Please help spread the word about this fund drive by sharing the following message via e-mail, blogs, FB, etc:

    Help Typhoon #Haiyan victims and #SharePoint MVPs & experts will help you  #rescuePH

As the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Let’s do our part and help!

Thanks for all your support! Feel free to leave a comment or any questions you might have.

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